Back in Time – Focus on producing Korean language and daily practice

I decided to take Level 2 of Korean Digital Academy class again. I start humming Huey Lewis’s “Back in Time”.  My first class starts Tuesday.

I find myself wondering “how to do this?”  It has been three months since I last saw “Class #13:  What Are You Doing?”.  Level 1 classes are a distant memory.  How do I prepare my mind to go back in time so I am ready for Level 2 classes?

Another important question I am pondering is “what will I do differently this time?

Teacher Rob Julien met with me to discuss this.


Why does this perfectly reasonable request sound hard to me?  I have to admit, as a student, I have a great deal of difficulty focusing.

I see the effort you’re putting in and I SEE you making progress, and while effort is easily the most important element in all of this, I also feel you’re mixing “activity” with “progress” by trying to learn from too many sources at once.

Oh, man, does he have me pegged!

One of the reasons I created this blog was so I could realize my mistakes and make changes.  Seems I have also inspired Rob to set one of his goals for 2015 to “To give people a more concrete plan to follow so that daily, consistent effort is given along a path with an actual goal at the end.”

If you would let me put a plan together for you, I think we could focus on you nailing L2.

It wouldn’t be much, but just basically a daily task.


You have to trust me.

‘Cause I’m going to be prescribing the opposite of what you – and MANY people – are doing now.

With our concentrated study, we are NOT going to move on to new content (vocab or structures) more than once a week.

We are going to focus on learning the first day to two days and then the next 5 practicing.

Very targeted, structured practice that you can do with someone or by yourself – and focus on the skill or “recalling”

…’cause the quicker you can start recalling things, the more fluent you become yes, but also the better you retain things.

The more I think about it, it’s really quite inefficient to NOT do that.

The crux of my problem may be simple study habits.  Rob is willing to work with me to give me daily tasks.





So now I have a plan.  Trust my teacher.  Do my homework assignment each day.  Practice daily until the skill becomes better.



So my focus is on PRODUCING Korean language.  No new input before I master what was taught.  I put it in writing.  I agreed.  So I had best stick to this promise.




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  1. I agree that if you want to focus on producing (speaking and writing), it’s easier to do it step-by-step and allow yourself to improve gradually. Less frustration, also.

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