A Web of Flashcards and Visual Theasaurus


Digital flashcards need not be isolated from one another, but may contain links that form a network of digital flashcards of varying degrees of complexity.  Hmm.  Intriguing idea.  Flashcards that link to other flashcards.  Flashcards that are arranged in a tree structure so you can drill down from simple to complex.  Flashcards used for more than words, but instead storing all kinds of knowledge learned, like a wiki.  Flashcards that capture words, pictures, audio, video, and website links.  Flashcards that are part of a mindmap, like Visual Thesaurus.

Role of Digital Flashcards in Education

I am reading an article about digital flashcards.  (“The role of digital flashcards in legal education: theory and potential” in European Journal of Law and Technology, Vol 5, No 1, 2014.)  It suggests collaboration in learning beyond traditional two-sided flashcards to “critically examine their existing assumptions and beliefs, and engage in an invigorating, collaborative quest for wisdom”.  The idea of working together with others to learn intrigues me.  Sharing flashcard decks is one step, but the potential to do more collaboration exists.  Teamwork.

The idea of encouraging students to create their own  multi-media knowledgebase is new to me.

Instruction is often lecturer and print-centered. ‘The teaching methods do little, if anything, to encourage students to create and produce their own (and collective) legal texts and knowledge’

–  Marlene Le Brun and Richard Johnstone, The Quiet (R)evolution: Improving Student Learning in Law

Visual Thesaurus


Visual Thesaurus

If Visual Thesaurus supported Korean language, I would happily put my vocabulary lists into it and use their tools for drilling down to see relationships between words.


It does have support for some languages.  It also has tools educators can use like spelling bees and creating your own word lists.


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  1. I think Naver Korean monolingual dictionary has something similar, 관련어휘 (related terms). I never paid attention, though. Does it help?

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