Anki – KDA Level 2

I have dabbled with various flashcard programs.  I decided on Memrise and used them for many months, but the redesign has made me consider other options.

I first installed Anki in March 2014.  I’ve tried to use it on different decks over months, but never quite got the hang of it.  I am going to try again.

Download Anki Anki Manual


I download the latest version of Anki and Joshua’s deck for KDA Level 2.  Looking at the Anki directory feels like the island of unwanted toys.  Here lies all the decks I tried.   I spend a wistful moment looking at these lost dreams … 



I click on the KDA apkg file, and it opens Anki.  “Get Shared” lets you choose existing decks that have been shared.


Read the Manual

I already feel  overwhelmed.  I get lost when I try to read the Anki manual.

I take a deep breath.  OK, calm down.  You really want to save yourself the effort of having to recreate the KDA and 1000 Most Common Words decks.  You want to use Evitas grammar deck.  SO BE BRAVE.  Keep going.

I click on KDA and get this screen.  “Study now”.  Yes, that is what I am trying to do.




You can add cards.



You can browse the all the cards in a deck.anki3


You can look at the layout/fields of a card.anki2

Select how to work with the deck.


Customize your study session.  Edit a particular card.


Set up Ankiweb account to sync cards across your devices.anki4

You can track statistics.


Types of Cards

A mature card is one that has an interval of 21 days or greater.

A young card is one that has an interval of less than 21 days, but is not in learning.

A learning card is one that is still in learning mode.

A relearning card is a card that you have failed in review mode, thus returning it to learning mode to be relearned.

An unseen card is one that has been added to your collection but has not yet entered learning mode. Unseen cards are sometimes referred to as “new” cards, especially when they are in the “new” queue to be shown for the first time.

Leeches are cards that you keep on forgetting. Anki will continue to issue leech warnings periodically for a difficult card.

There are different types of cards.


That is enough for me to get started using the deck already created. For more information, check out Anki’s videos.


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  1. chanteru says:

    I love Anki! I use it for my Japanese studies ^^

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