[App Review] Unlock Your Brain

An app that won’t let you use your phone until you answer a quiz about Korean? Brilliant! I’m afraid to install this … I might never be able to use my phone again. haha

Korea Squirrel

I will admit: I have been seriously slacking in my Korean studies. I’ve been doing a lot of other stuff, including a ton of sightseeing adventures to getting sick to learning to cook. I wrote a few journals on my Korean blog and read sporadically, but nothing was really sticking.

I realized I have the same problem as my students: the “If it’s not on the test, I can afford to not study” syndrome. I realized I studied hard in college because of our weekly quizzes, daily homework, and frequent exams. But now that there are no more midterms, it’s hard to make myself study the more mundane parts of Korean like memorizing vocabulary.

Enter “Unlock Your Brain”,free app for Android devices.

Unlock Your Brain is a flashcard program that tests you on math, language, or just about anything else you can make multiple choice questions for. The difference between…

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3 Responses to [App Review] Unlock Your Brain

  1. Hahaha. Answer this quiz, or no phone for you. For how many days do people actually use this app?


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