Pen Pal

Way back in February, 2014, I got a Korean pen pal.  OK, so I couldn’t actually write any Korean at the time, so I started writing Chulmoon in mostly English with a few Korean words stuck in here and there.  Most of my time was spent looking up words in the dictionary.  This is how I came to decide to study Korean.

Ten months later, I am still writing mostly English emails to Chulmoon.  Below is one I sent and Chulmoon responded to.  My language is stunted.  It comes across as very awkward.  I only think Chulmoon understands me because he is like my language parent. He tries really hard to understand the babbling of his little novice Korean learner.

Writing letters is still my favorite thing to do.  I am pretty bad at it.  Every sentence takes me a ridiculously long time to write.  I took Korean Digital Academy’s classes to learn enough to be able to write complete sentences.  I am just barely at that point now.  Just sharing this with you so you can see my progress.

Photographs remain my best way of communicating with Koreans.




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