Eureka! I finally get it.

I finally understand, so I am going to write this down quick before I forget.

Descriptive verbs have to describe something.  That thing will be the subject.

Decide whether you are working with a descriptive or action verb, when trying to figure out whether to use a subject or object particle (가 vs. 를).  The object of a sentence gets ~을/를.

For the full discussion of my grammatical error and how I came to finally get it, read this post.

I wrote 애플파이 만들어요.  (I make apple pie.)

Chulmoon corrected 애플파이 만들어요.

I was confused.  I could use ~가 in 김치 좋아요.   (Kimchi is good)  Why couldn’t I use it with apple pie?

Here is how Rob coaxed me to understand it.

Rob:  In that sentence, who is making the pie?

J: Me.

Rob:  You = subject
And what are you making?

J: Pie is the object.

Rob: Make = verb

J: But didn’t we have a sentence “Kimchi is good” that used ?

Rob: Yes, but those two sentences are different … in a few ways.
You’ve seen my video on the difference between descriptive verbs and true action verbs, yeah?

J: I’ve got that down pat. adjective 형용사 / verb 동사


Rob:  So the two verbs you’ve been comparing, 만들다 and 좋다, one is an action verb and one is a descriptive verb.

J:  Bingo!

Rob:  Got it?

J:  Got it.

Rob:  Sweet.
So just to reiterate…
The descriptive has to describe something, yeah?
That thing it describes will the subject of that sentence.
…or of that clause if you want to use the language we were working on yesterday.

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  1. He mentioned his video. I’d like to see that. where is his video?

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