Synonyms/Antonyms and Searching in Naver Dictionary

Korean Vitamin suggested that I look in Naver’s monolingual dictionary for  관련어휘 (related terms) after reading my post about the Visual Thesaurus.

NAVER Korean Dictionary provides 510,000 words. It also provides synonym, writing examples, and information on grammar.  Read more to learn about powerful ways to search the Naver dictionary.

1. Provides synonym/antonym Contents

Korean Synonym Contents has more than 100,000 words. You can check the word’s synonym and antonym along with definition by viewing the detail Page. (Up to 10 words)

2. Provides grammar information for writing Korean correctly

Provides interpretations by the National Institute of the Korean Language and  information on loanwords.

Searching the Dictionary

Naver dictionary also has more search capabilities than I was aware of.

  • Wild card searches (*, ?)  (Ex: *김치, 김치??? )
  • Consonant searches (Ex:ㅂㄷㅁ gives words that syllables start with ㅂㄷㅁ)
  • Pattern searches such as word that starts with…, word that ends with…, and pronunciation (ex: 탄으로 시작하는 말, 월요일 발음, 집념발음)
  • Proofread word/Suggested word

The pattern searching is something I will want to explore.
– pronunciation 발음
– begin with …으로 시작하다
– words that start with tan 탄으로 시작하는 말
– end with …으로 끝나다


Advanced Search – see pattern searches here



Study Words – to search by part of speech/grade level/field of study


Synonym 동의어
Antonym 반의어
Reference 참고

Notice how the “참고” references other related terms. In this example, Synonym has a reference to Antonym.  Vegetable references Fruit.  The red stars indicate how important the word is.  “Carrot” is a two star word.

By building dictionary skills, one can become a better Korean language learner.

List of Naver Products

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  1. I didn’t know there were so many ways to search on Naver. Thank you.

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