Talk To Me in Korean & New Year Resolutions

Made a New Year’s Resolution to improve your Korean langauge?  Here is what TTMIK has to offer.

If your resolution is to do the Talk To Me In Korean grammar lessons, then you might be interested in their package deal with the accompanying workbooks and audio.  If this is a hobby, you might think you can skip the homework, but I have learned that it helps to understand and retain the lesson if you use the workbooks.

ttmik booksbeginner_medium

Perhaps you are considering using Talk To Me In Korean’s Live one-on-one tutoring.  A half hour tutoring session costs $18 (paid by purchasing TTMIK credits).


I puzzled over where to buy the TTMIK credits, until I discovered them on the page after selecting a session.

harukoreanMaybe you want to write sentences and get corrections from native Koreans. TTMIK offers HaruKorean.  Get into the habit of writing Korean daily.


If you are in a generous mood, you might consider sponsoring TTMIK with the perks like e-books included.


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