Culture Exchange: Nuts

Truly one of the joys of learning Korean is talking about every day things, but getting to see them in a new light.

Chulmoon told me he was peeling ginkgo nuts.


Gingko is a Japanese word.  Ginko leaves look like butterflies.  Gingko trees have beautiful foliage.  They are used in oriental medicine for curing the respiratory system.  However, their nuts smell like poo when they fall from the tree and contain the same toxic substance as poison ivy, so handling them without gloves is inadvisable.





Practicing the new grammar tutor taught me,

Chulmoon is peeling ginko nuts.

문철씨는 은행 껍질(skin)을 까는 중이에요=문철씨는 은행 껍질을 벗기는 중이에요


I practiced more sentences while discussing peeling apples to make a pie.  The corrected sentences:

사과 껍질을 벗기고 있어요. I am peeling apples.
애플파이를 만들어요. I make apple pie.
애플파이를 만들거예요. I will make apple pie.

In my family, we have a tradition of gathering by the fireplace at Christmas and diligently cracking open the basket of mixed nut.  We use tools like below, but Chulmoon uses pliers on gingko nuts.  I told him about the fancy solider nutcrackers where you put the nut in the mouth, which led to discussing  the Nutcracker Suite ballet.toolsnutcrackersoilder



I don’t know what other people are like while learning about other cultures with language exchange, but this is a typical chat for me.  I practice a few sentences, I learn something new, I share a bit about what I know, and we come to understand each other better.

I share these stories with my readers in hopes they will pick up some vocabulary or learn something they didn’t know.

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