Don’t confuse “activity” with “progress”

Don’t confuse “activity” with “progress”, which unfortunately is a path technology and apps can lead us down very easily.  — Rob Julien, Korean Digital Academy

I am guilty of getting lost in learning software and creating flashcards, yet not learning the Korean words.

I wonder if I might be a better learner if I went back to paper.  (Heresy for a computer programmer to say.)

Yes, smart phones and laptops have great tools for learning, but they are also big distractions.  Temptation to check email, answer a text, read an internet article, etc. are always there pulling you away from the actual task at hand which is to load your brain with knowledge and practice writing it.

Maybe if I just had the practice pages printed out and wrote out Korean by hand, I would learn better.  PAPER AND PEN as my radical new learning technique for staying focused.  Huh.

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2 Responses to Don’t confuse “activity” with “progress”

  1. Cimi says:

    I love writing things out for several reasons. I like pretty writing (I really like making the Hangul letters), it helps me retain information better,, and when I write something originally on paper and not just printed out from the computer, II somehow feel I can control how I organize it better. Your idea is radical in a computer info age.

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  2. Don’t confuse something with something else. I like that. Don’t confuse “being taught” with “learning”. You can’t have progress without activities, you’ll just have to find ways that work for you.

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