Grammar Reference

When I do not understand grammar, I do not know where to look it up.  This leads me to go wandering the wild internet in search of answers.


Korean Grammar Plus is one such site.  I “liked” their Facebook page, but I admit there are so many ads on the website that I find it difficult to use.  Still … way to make grammar flashcards look pretty!

There are other sites that I use for grammar reference.  Many have been mentioned in earlier posts.  Of course, Wikipedia and Wikitionary are sources I use.

KoreanGrammarInUseI tend to run to my bookshelf for “Korean Grammar in Use” or “Mastering Conversational Korean”.
Korean Grammar Dictionary

Talk To Me In Korean


Wikibooks Korean Grammar




Of course, if it is related to English grammar, I am happy to visit Grammaropolis and Oxford Dictionary among others.

What do you use for Korean grammar reference?

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One Response to Grammar Reference

  1. So you do know where to look up. I have a Korean grammar dictionary written in simple Japanese as a reference. I think internet is convenient but books are more reliable and trustworthy. I use both.

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