Youtube search parameters & Google Developers

I completely geeked out when I found a video on YouTube API searches explained. Thanks Joonhee for sharing this information.

I also learned about Amara. Amara is used by millions to create, share, and view captions and subtitles — making it possible for more people to engage, participate, and benefit from all of the amazing content online.

It is a future goal of mine to learn more about making subtitles.  Some language learners use subtitling as a way to use and improve their skills.   I find the idea of many volunteers working together to be fascinating.  English and Korean speakers are sought for creating subtitles.

I also browsed Google Developers pages.

Andriod_StudioSome day I will be developing my own apps. It is inevitable.  The lust I feel whenever I stumble across developer tools is overwhelming, in a good way.  🙂  I am a geek right down to my toes, even if it is a love/hate relationship with using other people’s programs.

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