Data collection and Information Analysis

People have many reasons for blogs.  Some are slick sites where you can purchase goods. Others brim with informative articles.  Some make you laugh until your sides ache or provide you with the latest news and gossip.

Hanguk Babble’s purpose for being is data collection and information analysis.


It documents one person’s journey as she learns a second language.  It is a frank, honest discussion of the good, the bad, and the ugly.  It is a journal of thoughts, feelings, and activities.  It is a place to bring together all the things learned, and try to make sense of it all, by writing about it and organizing.

The result is very organic and personal.

The result reveals many things about one person’s strengths and weaknesses, on the path to finding the best way for her to learn.


When you look back at your actions, can you see patterns?  Can you choose to do more of what brings good results, and less of what doesn’t work?  Do you understand why you do things that are counter productive?

As the year draws to an end, looking back can help you.  Both time and money are limited resources.  Did you spend yours well?  What would you do differently?  What will you change going forward?  Use information to set realistic goals and change behaviors.

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