KDA Study Habits – Mission – Day 1

Rob is working with me to break down the studying I should do for Korean Digital Academy class into daily assignments.

Day 1 – Watch Video & memorize vocabulary
Day 2 – Understand, memorize conjugation patterns, do practice pages, ask questions
Day 3 – 6 Practice writing, speaking & vocabulary
Day 7 – Class

Here is my task for the day after my class.

Either way, if you’re still game, I’m gonna lay out the steps for tomorrow. We’ll keep it light for now and then can adjust as we go.


In the morning, watch ALL the videos. Take notes as needed.


In the evening, memorize the vocabulary. Break it up into small chunks if you have to and memorize 4-5 at once. Once you can recall those fairly well, memorize 3 more.

Once you have those 3 memorized, put them with the first 5 and go back through the list recalling them all.

Once you can do that, add on the remaining few and repeat.

(memorize the small group until you can recall them fairly easily, then add them to the whole group and practice recalling the entire list).

Don’t worry about how long it takes you.
…but get to the point where you can recall them without looking at your piece of paper.

And that’s it for the day.


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