the Hada Trick – Survival Korean

Novices just starting to learn Korean often will learn nouns but are confused by verb conjugation.  For me, that meant that I would start out sentences, but get to the end and have no verb.

It turns out that some language learners figure out some tricks early on that give them an advantage in being able to speak within a certain domain.  One of those tricks is that the hada verb 하다.  Memorize how the hada verb conjugates in a few tenses, and you can use it with a whole bunch of hada verbs.


verb map hada

Verb English Present Past Future
좋아하다  to like 좋아해요 좋아했어요 좋아할 거예요
 공부하다  to study  공부해요 공부했어요  공부할 거예요
 수영하다  to swim 수영해요  수영했어요  수영할 거예요
 노래하다  to sing  노래해요  노래했어요 노래할 거예요
 사랑하다  to love  사랑해요  사랑했어요 사랑할 거예요
 일하다  to work  일해요 일했어요  일할 거예요
 요리하다  to cook  요리해요  요리했어요  요리할 거예요
 말하다  to speak  말해요 말했어요  말할 거예요
 행복하다  to be happy  행복해요 행복했어요  행복할 거예요
 피곤하다  to be tired  피곤해요  피곤했어요  피곤할 거예요
 정직하다  to be honest  정직해요 정직했어요  정직할 거예요
 똑똑하다  to be smart  똑똑해요  똑똑했어요 똑똑할 거예요
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