Word Clouds, not learning

Visual learners can create word clouds with software like WordItOut.

more word cloud generators Read more about visualizing data.

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2 Responses to Word Clouds, not learning

  1. Korean Vitamin says:

    WordItOut is the only one that work with hangul? It’s great. Thanks. Maybe I can use it for words I want to remember.

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    • jreidy17 says:

      Confession time. I like looking at things I make. So when I make a flashcard, I will look at it harder, thereby giving my brain time to maybe absorb the words.

      Worditout is a way to look at all the vocabulary in a story and quickly see what are the most frequent (hence important to know) words. It is an information graphic approach to making a visual representation of data. A block of text doesn’t immediately jump out at me which words are the most used. A Worditout picture does.

      Representing data visually has been a interest of mine for decades. As a computer programmer, and someone who worked at an insurance company, I worked with large amounts of data and finding ways to delve into it and then represent it visually to convey the “story” of the data.

      So yes … Julia is a data geek. Julia applies data geek ideas to learning languages. It has become cool in recent years to be a data geek as more people have become familiar with using computers and have access to data visualization tools.

      Ever see the TED talk where data is represented as large bubbles and animated to show change over time? More data visualization. Or the ebola graph that shows deaths and where they happen as big circles. Same field of study.


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