“You Are Not Good Enough”

Last week, I restarted Level 2 of Korean Digital Academy. I felt embarrassed, like I had flunked and had to retake a course. But I knew I had gotten lost along the way. I was not ready to proceed to the next Level. When I was introduced to the other students, I felt like I was not good enough because I was only learning Korean as a hobby. I was sure the other students had way better reasons.

However, Korean Vitamin’s post remind me it is OK to just be me. To learn Korean because it makes me happy. To go at my own pace.

The second time through the course (2 classes so far) is a positive experience. Three months since I saw the material, it feels brand new, and this time I am getting all the details that slipped by me the first time. With new students and a new teacher, I can see it all with fresh eyes.

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