Cultural Exchange: Valley of Heaven 천상의 계곡

Chulmoon told me about “Valley of Heaven”.  I will share what he told me.

Two tales of old age:

ongoldenpond-. Valley of Heaven written by In-ho, Choi ¼Ò¼³°¡ ÃÖÀÎÈ£ º°¼¼
천상의 계곡      최인호

-. On Golden Pond is a 1981 American film
Henry Fonda, Katharine Hepburn

최인호 is famous Korean short novel writer.

A grandmother lived with her oldest son, his wife, granddaughter, and grandson. Her husband died early, leaving four children.  The grandmother worked hard and all children got married. Two sons and two daughters.  She is very happy even though she grew old.

One day, she did not want to be alone, so she went to an old school, and met another person her age thre.  Every day they meet together in the old school.  Both started to like each other.

Her eldest son knew of this.  Grandmother introduced her beau to her children.  Her youngest daughter did not approve of her mom and this older gentleman.

The couple spent many wonderful times together.

One day he didn’t come out the public garden.  She waited, but he did not come.  She became depressed and slept in bed.  Her eldest son became concerned.  He sought out the name and address of his mother’s friend, and called his house.  Ah!  He had passed away two days ago.

When her son gave her the news, her heart broke like a tearing beast.

Screen slowly fades away.  Sad ending.

On Golden Pond is very similar to it.


Read more about Korean literature.


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