Dictionary Skills: 2000 Essential Korean Words – FREE MP3’s for Korean

I use the book 2000 Essential Korean Words for Beginners as a dictionary type reference. However, I discovered my accompanying MP3 CD was cracked.  So I visited the publisher Darakwon’s site to obtain the MP3 files.  The publisher has many free MP3 downloads.


The process did not go smoothly.  I had to try three different browsers, disable my virus software, click through some scary warning messages, before I was finally able to access the files with Internet Explorer.



I have a vague memory that I struggled thru this all before, so I wrote it down in case anyone else has this problem.

For an excellent review, read Korean in my Heart. Flashcards: Memrise Quizlet

I haven’t figured a way to include learning a few words at a time from 2000 Essential Korean Words as a habit.  Perhaps I simply have too much already on my plate.  I was hoping to play the audio while I did other tasks (housecleaning?) and let my ears hear the sound of Korean.

ROKStar Stephanie highlights her copy so she has a visual reminder of how many words she has learned.  Every little highlight must feel like a success 🙂  If only I could overcome my fear of writing in books, I might like to do that too.



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