#ADD1Challenge sign up soon

I think Brian is intentionally torturing me by sending those appetizing videos but not telling me how to sign up yet.  #ADD1Challenge signup will be open soon.

In the mean time, I am looking at previous ADD1Challenge videos.  In the first ADD1Challenge, they asked people to make a video introduction.

Make a  #add1challenge video (Must be 5 min or less) and answer the following questions

-Very briefly introduce yourself, tell us why you are joining the +1 Challenge :)

-What language(s) will you take on?

-What is your current level or past experience of the language?

-What is the beginning and end date (latest date, Dec 31st, 2013) of your challenge?

-What goal are you shooting for? and how will you measure your progress on the end date? Video with a native speaker? Go to the country? a test? (It has to be measurable and be specific)

-What is your game plan of learning the language?

-What materials and tools are you planning to use?

-What rules will you set for yourself?

-Create something at stake, what rewards or punishment can you create? be creative and make it fun :)

-How often will you make an update and where so we can follow your progress?

-Link to other channels in your video who are taking this challenge, so we can spread the words for each other.

-Ask people to subscribe to follow your progress

– Publish your video on Youtube and tweet your video with the harsh tag #add1challenge

Remember to use #add1challenge as part of your video title.

 Add this playlist “The +1 Language Challengers” on your channel.


This is so we can spread the words and support other +1 Challengers.

5. After reviewing your video and if you fulfilled all of the above, I will invite you to a private facebook group where you can interact with us, ask questions and support each other.

That’s it!

I will be joining you guys and here is my +1 Challenge application video, so you can get an idea what your video should include.

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