Approach like an athlete

There tools that one can use to improve performance and motivation.

Log it.  Each day, write down what you did, how long, and how you felt afterwards. Notice patterns.

Visualize.  Spend a little time each day visualizing in vivid detail what you will experience as a successful language learner.

Make a schedule.  Write steps to achieve your goal with a specific date.

Get a coach.  Seek out knowledgeable people to improve your game.

When I reframed exercise to “joy of movement”, I felt happy.  When I saw a pattern in my log that I felt better after exercise, it finally clicked that I wanted to do my planned walk. When I wrote out a training schedule for the marathon, I knew I had to do it or I wouldn’t meet my goal.  When I was fitted for the right shoes, learned improved stride techniques, and implemented stretching routine, all learned from more experienced athletes, I got better performance.  I achieved more than I thought possible, by setting a big challenge.

Take the same techniques an athlete would use, and apply to your language learning.


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