Colors and vowel direction

I am struggling to keep vowels separate in my mind, to be able to tell sounds apart and remember spelling.  I am trying to come up with a system for my flashcards and memory.

obangsaek오방색 Obangsaek is the 5 traditional colors of Korea.  You can read how these colors are used in Korean cuisine.

I thought perhaps I could link vowels to color, direction, or elements.  Hangul has the concept of the Heaven (.), earth (ㅡ) and man (ㅣ). The symbols for each of these things are combined in various ways to create the vowels.



Turns out, the vowels have their own directions already, as described on the Korean Tourism site.  I placed my hand in front of my mouth to test out the vowel sounds.  It works.  Clever designers of Hangul!


vowels sounds







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