Why do I want to learn Korean?

I made a video that shows the reason I am learning Korean is for the Koreans I have met. I have been studying for 10 months, starting in March 2014.


Here is my English audio recording about why I want to learn korean on soundcloud. I couldn’t quite figure how to put the slideshow and audio together. Ah well. Below is the script.

Why do I want to learn Korean?

For the people I’ve met.

What have I done since I decided to learn Korean?

What have I done? Searched for how to learn a second language. Wrote about it in my blog (750 posts!). Made a ridiculous amount of flashcards. Educated myself on subjects I knew nothing about like IPA and linguistics. Learned how to write and type Hangul. Took 24 hours of online Korean class. Bought many books. Use Naver dictionary. Worked on pronunciation with a tutor for 10 hours. Chatted on Kaokotalk and at Mindpasta. Met online more than a dozen Koreans. Bought my first smart phone. Installed software. Learned about 200 words and the basics of verb conjugation and politeness levels.

Biggest change: I committed to learning

I switched from someone who watched Korean dramas for 2 years to someone who interacts with Korean people. Knowing people motivated me to want to communicate. Slowly, I came around to the idea that would mean I needed to study and spend time consistently. That’s the biggest change this year – committing to learn a language.

Who has influenced me this year?

Too numerous to mention, but I discovered many polyglots and websites since I started to learn Korean. The short list has to include teacher Rob from Korean Digital Academy #KDA, ROKStars, tutor Woojae from #italki, Chulmoon my Korean pen pal, language exchange partner Seongil, my Korean mentors, Ryan from #Mindpasta, Hyunwoo from Talk To Me in Korean #TTMIK, Mike Campbell from #Glossika, Beanies from #Dramabeans, Anthony Lauder, Benny Lewis from Fluent in 3 Months #Fi3m, and Brian from #ADD1Challenge.


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