How Ryan from Mindpasta learns English – by making friends and helping others

Ryan is a native Korean who developed a place for people to meet and share about learning a language.  This unique community is like a family.  Everyone is very supportive. People can practice writing and reading Korean sentences while chatting with friends. Koreans can work on their English.  The result is a mutually beneficial relationship. Friendships are made.   Amazingly, all of this is offered for FREE.

I asked Ryan how he learned English.  Here is his answer.
How Ryan Learned English


It came as a surprise to me that people who are language learners are so generous.  I suppose if you know how hard it is for you to learn a language, then you can sympathize with others trying to learn your language.

Learning a language is far more time consuming than I ever imagined.  It can literally take years.   Yet if you are spending that time making friendships and having fun, then the time passes quickly.  I can hardly believe I joined Mindpasta on June 16, 2014.  Seven  months ago already.

You can read my first two posts about Mindpasta here:

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It was love at first sight with Mindpasta. Come join us. We’d love to have you.


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