Levels of Learning

There are six levels of knowledge according to Benjamin Bloom.


I can see that with the KDA classes, I can recall the vocabulary, I have a shaky understanding of the how and when to use grammar, and it all falls apart when I try to apply it.  I am a novice, this is to be expected.

I was so pleased when Rob helped me with the early steps to get through the videos and write out sentences.  However, the ending stage of practice and understanding the grammar hasn’t worked out very well this week.  Just means new opportunities for next week.  🙂

I have a lot of fear about language escaping.  Something I think I understand on Monday is all but forgotten by Friday.  So I repeat the same material over and over, seeking confidence and speed.  I don’t know it this is correct.  Still learning …

Lessons learned and mistakes

  • Mistake:  I feared asking questions outside of class.  In actuality, it is better for everyone if I get my confusion resolve before the speaking practice session.
  • Mistake:  I hesitate to write things down. Does this stem from being told to never write in books?  I have observed I resist writing things down.  I do better when I do.  Typing is OK, but writing by hand is better, especially with lots of highlighters and colored pens.
  • The first conjugation is the hardest.  Repetition makes it easier.
  • It is OK to cheat.  The act of writing notes to prepare for class, including the verb conjugation, is a learning process in itself.

One problem I have though is mountains of paper notes.  I would like some day to review all my scribbles and convert them to logical notes that could be used for reference.

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