So you’ve made a resolution.  Is it non-negotiable?  Is it your #1 priority to establish a routine that will get you what you desire?

Trust the process.  Commit for 30 days to do EXACTLY what you promised.

Let’s practice doing 100%, complete work.” – Brian,  Add1Challenge

Do nothing else.”  – Rob Julien, Korean Digital Academy

I made a commitment to Rob from Korean Digital Academy to trust him and try studying in a very different way that what I had been doing before.  Establishing this new routine is difficult.

For my friend Rawson, running every day is non-negotiable.  It takes out that struggle as every day you come up with excuses and have to wrestle with motivation.  Rawson’s fool-proof solution to his own laziness was to decide to run every day.  Rawson is a person who runs every day.  It is non-negotiable.  Rawson’s streak of how many continuous days of running he has done stretches for years.

Decide once.  Non-negotiable.  Then in that first 30 days while you are establishing a routine, YOU HAVE TO DO WHAT YOU SAID YOU WOULD DO.  PERIOD.  To do any less is breaking a promise to someone very important – you.

The first month is the hardest.  Baby steps.  Just focus on one thing this month: ESTABLISH A ROUTINE.

Nothing else matters this month.  Just forming the habit.  Practicing a daily “Yeah, I did it!”  Practice, so you will trust yourself again.  You have a plan to get what you want.  You have a routine that will get you there.  So spend the next 30 days telling every distraction that fights to gain your attention that

your goal is non-negotiable.


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