Learning in chats

Want to learn in chats?  Try Mindpasta.com. HelloTalk, Facebook Messenger, Google Hangouts, and Kaokotalk.

Learning Korean is a very social experience for me.  Sometimes too social, like today, when I spent 6 hours in chats.  Haha.  Chats are where I take that vocabulary and grammar learned in class and try to put it to use.  Quick test whether I really remember!


One place I like to practice my writing and understanding skills is the website Mindpasta.


You share photos, music, talk about your day, play mini games like rock/paper/scissors, and get support from other language learners.  It is all free.

At my beginner level. a single sentence is a challenge to decipher.  Such as above, where I did ok with the beginning or Ryan’s sentence, but was not familiar with the verb conjugation.


Today, I chatted about the deer that came to my yard.  Along the way, I learned the word for deer and got into a discussion about why I was using a particle wrong, which ended up checking in with my teacher in chat too.

Here in HelloTalk, Magie corrects my sentence.











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