Poem: I try counting stars

Another poem from David.

바람이 서늘도 하여
뜰 앞에 나섰더니

서산 머리에 하늘은
구름을 벗어나고

산뜻한 초사흘 달이
별(과) 함께 나오더라

달은 넘어가고
별만 서로 반짝인다.

저 별은 뉘 별이며
내 별 또 어느게요

잠자코 홀로 서서
별을 헤어보노라
Even a cool breeze
He set out before the court

The sky is the Xishan head
Coming through the cloud

Neat chosaheul month
Stars (and) he come out with

The moon wading
Byeolman flashes with each other.

That star is a star Manu
Or what I’m stars

Standing alone in silence
The Stars Hair Bo am

서산 머리(head=hill)
the western hill[mountain].

초사흘 달 . the 3rd day’s moon. (still small size)

별만 서로 반짝인다.
only the star flashe each other.

저(the) 별(star)은 뉘(who) 별(star)이며 내(my) 별(star) 또(also) 어느게요(what is my star)

별을 헤어보노라
I try counting stars.

David also included some vocabulary words for me.  How do I tell him he has already overwhelmed me when my plate was full from Korean Digital Academy class and tutoring and the ADD1Challenge before I met him?  I will have to find the words, because he is sending me too much information for my poor little beginner mind to absorb all at once.


매우 춥네요.

핸드폰(handphone) -> cellphone
아파트(apart) -> apartment
바바리(burberry) -> trench coat
안전벨트(Ahn jeon belt) -> seat belt
감자칩(Gam ja chip) -> potato chip;
백미러 or 사이드미러 (Back mirror, side mirror) -> rear view mirror
돌씽(Dol Sing; 돌return, Sing;single) who was married but is now single again.

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One Response to Poem: I try counting stars

  1. Bill Minhyuk Hwang says:

    Oh God I visit your blog from the LingQ but this is just so much more than for Americans who want to learn Korean… This is just beautiful and reminds me of how beautiful my native language is! Thank you for sharing this poem. It also reminds me of 윤동주’s famous poem 별 헤는 밤 which is my own favorite.


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