Trimming the edges #A1C5

Backpackers obsess about the weight of their packs.  When you are carrying a 30 pound pack on a 20 mile hike over mountains, every ounce matters.  So experienced backpackers will trim the edges on their maps and drill holes in the handle of their tooth brush.  The little bit saved seems trivial, but every bit adds up, and carrying one less pound in your pack makes a difference.

Now day 3 into the #Add1Challenge, I am looking for ways to trim.

Blogging, making videos, and texting are looking like excess in this short window I have to build up to speaking a 15 minute conversation by April 12th.


30 days – February 10th
60 days – March 12th
90 days – April 11th

A mere 13 weeks. I am sure it will fly by.

My commitment is 30 minutes for 5 days a week. I have 1 hour Korean Digitial Academy class, 1 hour of tutoring, and 1 hour study group with Talia. That gives me 3 hours a week of speaking. Just study two other days for half an hour, and I will hit my target.

Out of the 90 Add1Challenge participants, there are 3 others learning Korean.


Benson is a polyglot and linguist, learning his 25th language. Check out his blog.  Cynthia is a Kdrama fan who is learning Korean as a “buddy hobby” with her friend who is a KPop fan.  Talia is a mere 2 hour time difference here in USA.  Yeah team!


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