Word wheel, not learning

I like to play.  My little joke is I am “not learning, just having fun”.  You will see many posts on this site about games I am playing to learn language.

I was inspired after seeing a “Word Wheel” in English to create one for Korean.

word wheel

3circlescMy Korean word wheel has only 3 circles.  Given that all Korean words start with a consonant, plus a vowel, with optionally a final consonant, it works out like the picture above.

Game play:  line up the three wheels to make one word, then see if you can find any other words.  I will have to do some game testing.  I am thinking that the final batchim should be allowed to be blank.  I envision the blank spots on the wheel serve as wildcards.

Will it be playable?  Allowing just two character words maybe is too easy?  Then again, I am just a beginner learner of Korean.  Easy is good.  🙂

I can envision an electronic version, where you line up the letters, and the app pops up with all the valid word combinations complete with their meanings and links to a dictionary.  For learners who like hands on, this lets one play with the language.  I haven’t studied letter combinations and word frequencies in Korean.  It could make looking things up in the dictionary interesting, and teaches alphabetic order.

I think this type of game could be adapted for other languages.


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