Don’t go it alone

Language Hero sent me an article today. The 7 Biggest Language Learning Blunders

I’ve committed them all, of course, haha.

I was particularly interested in how he described what most people think independent language learners do.

Kevin wrote, “Just the use of the word ‘independent’ suggests some kind of hermitage, as if all successful autodidacts lock themselves in their rooms, studying grammar books and dictionaries for hours on end. Some, in an effort to learn on their own, try this method to no avail.”

OK.  How did he know?  That is me totally.  Hermit alone studying the dictionary, in utter silence.  Haha.  It is so close to my reality, I was shocked to see it in print.

Brian went on to write “The reality of successful self-study is usually quite the contrary. Though we are the only ones in charge of our learning, we still can and should work with others to achieve our goals. Language learning is an inherently social process that is only becoming more social by the day. ”

Don’t go it alone.

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