KDA Class #17 – ㅡ andㅓverbs

The first time I  saw this blank chart for Class 17, I was like “Are you kidding me?”


The grammar structures sneak up on me.  I don’t fully grasp them, and I certainly can’t use them in a sentence.  Present, Past, and Future tenses I am comfortable with, but “when”, “to have to”, and “to have heard” I have to look up and can’t use off the top of my head.

I’m the remedial child.  I need to assign myself to write it 100 times on the whiteboard, until it slowly seeps in.

Given a full English sentence, it still is very difficult for me to form a sentence in Korean.  I average 10 minutes per sentence.  I look at the practice pages with dread, and opt to just go look up the answers, because it all seems impossible.

Something must be broke in me.  Why can’t I make these sentences?  Why do I look at English and just blank, even when I know all the vocabulary words?  I have trouble working out what tense to use.  I can’t imagine what grammar structures are suppose to be practiced with these sentences.

I’m on mood swings with Korean.  I felt so good after the conversation yesterday, now today I am in full day-before-class panic.  Try your hand on these sentences.  Can you translate them to Korean?


I have to learn more Korean.
I don’t like waking up early in the morning.
When you ride a motorcycle, what do you have to wear?
What did you eat for dinner today?
What are you going to do today?
I’m gonna go to my friend’s house and watch TV.
I’m gonna go to Seoul and watch a movie.
I’m gonna go out and meet a friend.
Have you ever been to Busan?
Have you ever tried kimchi?
How was it?
It was hard (tiring / draining).
I’m finished (doing something).
I’m finished (eating).
It’s too spicy so it’s hard to eat.
It’s too cold so I don’t like going out.


[I noticed that while I am dragging my feet, filled with terror about speaking, others in #ADD1Challenge are energized, optimistic, and excited.  To me, it is public speaking IN A FOREIGN LANGUAGE.  Seems like torture.  I really would far prefer to write than speak. I am not running towards something I passionately desire.  I’m waiting for the next beating Korean will give me.  Sigh.  I solider on.  This mood will pass.]


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