Clearly defined goals

Take a few minutes to complete the following sentences about yourself.

I am learning Korean because                      (list as many reasons as possible).

I want to be able                     ,                     , and                      in Korean.

I will achieve my Korean goals by focusing on these skills:

I will achieve these goals by this date:

I will know that I have achieve my goals when                     .

I am troubled every time someone asks me why I am learning Korean.

I don’t have a clear motivation and goal.  I have had three “reasons” so far, none of which still pertains.  I am afraid that when the going gets tough, I will wilt without a clear motivation and goal.  Still a lost little lamb, with no idea what I am doing in this wilderness of learning a second language.

For next 3 months, I adopt the goals of Korean Digital Academy and #Add1Challenge, which is to focus on speaking.

Yet I suspect my inner goal is more a leisurely stroll through Korean, where I can spend a few hours penning a heart felt letter to Korean friend, curl up quietly with a book of poetry, and curiosity inspired learning about language and culture through reading.  My vision for myself is almost completely silent, slow, and meditative with a few close friends. My entire life rhythm has been disrupted by diving into the rushing river of Korean study. I often feel rushed, overwhelmed, stressed, and over stimulated.

On this white water rapids ride these past ten months, I have considered tutoring in English, taking teaching classes, going to Korea for Korean education, traveling to Korea for pleasure, and teaching English in Korea for a year.  I have a desire to visit Korea that never existed before Chulmoon became my pen pal.

I hold each person I have met on this journey close to my heart.  Perhaps that is my simple goal.  I just want to connect with my new friends in Korea, and that is goal and motivation enough.

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