KDrama: Mr Baek 미스터 백

Below are some more flashcards from Mr. Baek.  What I am trying to do is associate the written word with sounds I have heard in Korean dramas.

You probably know more Korean than you realize just by watching KDramas.  So spend 90 minutes to pick up the Korean alphabet (Hangul) as a starting point.  Trust me, their 24 letters are easy and logical. My greatest regret is struggling with romanization of Korean words.

Consonants: ㄱg ㄴn ㄷ dㄹ l ㅁ m ㅂb ㅅ s ㅇ ng ㅈ jㅊ ch ㅋk ㅌt ㅍp ㅎh
Vowels: ㅏa ㅐae ㅑya ㅒyae ㅓeo ㅔe ㅕyeo ㅖye ㅗ o ㅘ wa ㅙ wae ㅚwae ㅛyo ㅜu ㅝwoe ㅞwe ㅟwi ㅠyu ㅡeu ㅢ ui ㅣi

If you are a drama fan who is curious about learning a bit about the Korean language, you might want to check these from 90DayKorean.

1.  A way to learn the Hangul letters with pictures.


2. 15 Konglish words


These phrases come from episode 8.

f8baek9f8baek10f8baek1f8baek11f8baek14  f8baek13 f8baek12 ladyandtramp   f8baek8 f8baek7 f8baek6 f8beak2f8baek3 f8baek4   f8baek5

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