Tea of Heaven

Thank you for letting me share tea with you. The crunch of leaves underfoot put me very much in the moment, the same way my walk on crunchy snow today did here in the Berkshires. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1xjafVlm394

Mat-Jib Hunters


If you have a car or can somehow make your way to the tourist town of YangPyeong, a stop at the 1,000 year tea house during the evening is an absolute must. Warm softly lit hanji lanterns adorn the deck lined with maple trees. We were lucky to have found this place in Autumn, when the leaves had fallen and carpeted the floor. Tranquil instrumental Asian music plays, blending magically with falling water gently trickling from the roof eaves into lit pools below.

The water features and music continue inside as the entrance opens to a shop with a watergarden running down it’s centre. The tea house offers two seperate seating styles; to the left, table and chairs, to the right and up a step, ondol (heated) floors. Sheer silk curtains in pretty hues provide privacy to each booth, setting a cosy and romantic scene. I’d suggest you take the floor seating, it’s near level with the…

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