Pain is a message. Listen.

The language learning journey is a long distance effort.  We need to pay attention when there are areas that are giving us pain.  We need to seek solutions, even if it means a day or two of missed studying while we deal with the problem at hand.  The payoff in the long run for fixing that problem is worth it.

Pain is trying to tell you something.  It is usually requesting your immediate attention.  If you have a pebble in your shoe, each painful step is a reminder.  You might feel like you are too busy to stop and fix what is causing you pain, but the relief you will feel when the pain issue is solved is worth it.  Some times, allowing pain to continue only makes the situation worse.

Experienced hikers know, at the first sign of a “hot spot”, the warm area on your foot caused by rubbing, it needs to be dealt with.  Sometimes it is just adjusting the way the boot is laced or applying a bit of moleskin to protect the area.  If the pain is ignored, terrible blisters can result, causing a miserable journey and days to heal.

Perhaps you don’t even notice the pain any more.  You’ve become adjusted to it.  It is like the broken step in your home that you know needs fixing, but you just keep jumping over it.  It is time to take a fresh look.  Is there a problem that needs fixing?

For me, there are several technical issues that need addressing, but I keep working around the problems because it always seems like I am too busy to deal with it.  For example, a printer driver downloaded itself with one software update, and broke my printer.  So I can not print anything.  I have avoided taking the time to fix the problem, thinking we live in this electronic age, so why do I need paper?  Yet it has led to some strange work arounds. To get a printout, I have to drive to the local library, reserve a computer, transfer the documents from my home PC to the library via email, and print there at ten cents a copy. The whole process ends up taking an hour, for a few pages printing this week’s Korean Digital Academy pages.  Some times, it seems too much effort, so I write the whole thing out by hand.  Jeez!  Clearly, dealing with the annoyance of tech support to resolve the printer driver issue will pay off in the long run.  Working around not having a printer is simply inefficient and slowing down my studying process.

Is there anything in your study process that is causing you pain?  Is there a way to fix it?

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