Totally inappropriate study group discussion topic – Korean shower scene

My study group with Talia taught me that I can burn through an hour of preparation in 5 minutes of talking.  Phew!

Today, we talked about food, numbers, places we lived, and Korean dramas.

The flashcards for native numbers that finally stuck in my brain. Of course, Talia doesn’t need native numbers over 20, but I worked for 7 weeks learning my numbers, and by heavens I was going to show off in study group that I remember them. Haha.




Maybe my study partner thought me a bit strange as I explained how I used the Tyrannosaurus Rex in a Chicago museum to remember the native Korean number for 20. She humored me.  We both laughed.

I noticed that while I often got into places where I knew I should know the word, but could not recall quickly enough, that I have completely relaxed with my study partner and it didn’t cause me undue stress.  Wow.  I mean, that really HUGE.  I encountered places where I could not speak, and tragedy did not strike.  We laughed.  It was ok.

I started out trying hard to speak Korean, but by the end when I was trying to explain the actor Song Seung Heon 송승헌 and his shower scene in “My Princess”  마이 프린세스, I ended up just speaking English with a few random Korean words.  It is like I can’t hold Korean words to speak and any other thought in my head at the same time.  Too crowded.

I include this for Talia’s viewing pleasure.  “My Princess” was a very early Korean drama for me, and that was the first shower scene.  I was shocked.  In our next study session, we will be discussing Korean dramas.

Dramabeans wrote a post about that shower scene, and the comments crack me up every time. By the time people start writing poetry about Song Seng Heon, I am rolling on the floor.  Korean men in dramas are awfully pretty, and that embarrasses me that I notice.  (* blush *)

Ode to My Speedo

My speedo is as black as night
My speedo fits my butt so right
My speedo is so snug and tight
My speedo keeps me warm inside
My speedo makes me float so light
My speedo is such a wondrous sight
It even makes the aunties fight


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  1. LOL not a bad distraction 😉


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