What are you willing to give up?

What are you willing to give up? asks the Language Hero.

I had just been having that thought as I find myself behind in this week’s Korean Digital Academy studies.

Giving up on visiting with my Korean drama friends at Dramabeans “Off Topic” Discussion group, or meandering the web reading the links Benny Lewis sends me on Friday, or finding the time to translate the Korean letter my pen pal sent me, or helping Mr. Joeong translate some Korean lyrics to English, or Seongil researching Google Korean, or the countless other things, that aren’t studying for KDA.

My commitment to spending half an hour of studying 5 days a week, with three of those speaking practice, is a lot harder than it sounds.

So the cold hard truth that I face over and over again is that I can’t do it all.  I have to make choices.  I have to delay getting to things I want to do, so that I can do language learning.

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