Make Words Stick e-book

I have trouble with e-books.  I forget they exist.  I can’t see them well enough on my iPod or phone.  I haven’t yet gotten my nook e-reader or tablets working to use those for reading e-books.  So purchasing e-books with the intention that I will read them some day is silly.

So of course, I bought another one today.  I am going to try to remember I bought this and get back to reading it after Korean Digital Academy Level 2 class finishes.


Ten hours left to purchase this 37 page e-book for $1. Yep, I have language sucker written all over me.

Here is what the conclusion of “Make Words Stick” says


Well, nothing in the conclusion I haven’t heard before, but I have still not gotten in control of my flashcards.  In fact, I even stopped using Memrise when I started the #A1C5.  Not that I intended to stop.  I am quite distressed that I have broken a habit I had since last summer, because #A1C5 has me totally overwhelmed and stressed out.

I believe Memrise vocabulary to be more important than #ADD1Challenge speaking.  I feel like I learn nothing new while speaking.  You only learn while listening, reading, and writing.  The speaking is suppose to shame/inspire you to study more where you actually learn, but the speaking I learn nothing.  So hours spent speaking drain my energy and my study time.  I begin to doubt I should be speaking.



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