No more running on empty

FLYLady wrote a great article about Running on Empty.  It is more than just whether there is gas in your tank.  It is about whether your routines, schedules, and plans support smooth running so that you can have time to relax each week, secure in the knowledge that you can get everything done.  Your “tank” of energy won’t run out before you finish your list of tasks that you need to accomplish.  You won’t be scrambling at the last minute to get things done.  You won’t be dashing around on adrenaline.

I have a consistent pattern of trying to cram too much into my week.  I sat down with a schedule to plan my most critical tasks first.  I could not come up with a way to make it work.  That was without any side trips on wild tangents.  I had to use 7 days a week, and still didn’t have time.


My own expectations of what I can do in a week are killing me.  I am running on empty.  I have so much stress and unresolved problems in both real life and my Korean studies, that I simply collapsed finally for 2 days of sleep.  This can’t go on.  I have to let some stuff go. I have to set a reasonable schedule, and then stick to it.  I have to work in one day of rest.

I hope my readers are far more sensible than I am.  My life is challenging enough in the real world that adding Korean Digital Academy class’s vocabulary and grammar study each week is plenty to keep me busy.  I don’t need to go out looking for trouble!  

I give myself permission to focus on only the most effective tools I use for learning Korean. That is my flashcards and my Korean language class.


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