Hanja for Cimi: 人 person 인

人 person 인

Once you see Chineasy’s walking person animation, remembering person is 人 is easy.

Notice that 人 has two strokes.  A down-left stroke and a down-right stroke.

There is another way Chinese represents person.   亻.  Imagine a person with outstretched arms.

In Korean, I think first of the word 사람 for person, and then 인.  I believe this is an example of the native Korean word and the Sino-Korean word.



I’ve thrown a lot at you Cimi, when I promised just one hanja character a week.  If you remember just one thing, remember 人 is person.  人 is a building block.  Once you know it, you will start noticing 人 used in other Chinese characters.

You don’t have to learn this Cimi, but I will give you examples of how learning 人 is 인 helps me with my Korean vocabulary learning.

한국 國 Korea (country)
한국 Korean people Korean people

미국 國 America (country)
미국 American

외국 國 Foreign country
외국 Foreigner,  Foreigner

Hanja Practice – 1st day

Look – two people means ‘to follow’, ‘follower’


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One Response to Hanja for Cimi: 人 person 인

  1. Cimi says:

    A little person after the country is a person from that country. Got it!


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