Until I started learning a language last March, I never owned a smartphone.  I was very unplugged from technology.  I didn’t take selfies, tweet, blog, Skype, email, text message. Now, rarely a day goes by without using my smartphone.  I sit in front of my laptop for hours.  My life is much more hectic and stressful, with my phone and computer’s bleeps demanding attention.

So I needed this reminder.  Interact with the real world.

Can we auto-correct humanity?

The best thing I have done to my study routine is have two days with the laptop turned off, just working with paper, to have focused studying.

I can get so tied up with my laptop, that I forget to leave the house, to see the sunsets, walk downtown, go to museums, stare at the incredible mountain views of my home in the Berkshires.  The world is big and beautiful.  Let’s try connecting with more than Facebook likes.

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