Pearls of Wisdom

We seek wisdom.  I write my blog in hopes that along the way, I will discover pearls of wisdom.

Pearls of wisdom are when you can take experience, knowledge, and good judgement and express it simply.  Insight, creativity, and reflection can lead to pearls.  The best ones are shared and become sayings.  They change the way we approach problems and understand concepts.  A good idea is a precious thing.

Ipp2e was greatly influenced in the 1980’s by “Programming Pearls”.  The book teaches how to think about programming, presenting elegant design solutions.  It is the consolidation of wisdom, taught so the reader can learn concepts.  Concepts can be applied to solve new problems, in just as elegant a way as the expert.  Learning how to think wisely is a skill worth far more than mere accumulation of facts.

I was asked why I wanted so much to understand the parts of speech in Korean.  I have the answer now.  I am building a conceptual framework.  I am learning how a Korean thinks about their language.

My affection for the essay “All I Really Need to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” is in very simple language, he captured a life time of wisdom.

Some day, I hope I will have pearls to share about learning language.



P.S.  Tricks of the trade I learned from “Programming Pearls”.  1.  Search out the real problem.  2.  Do back of the envelop calculations.  3.  Look at the data.  4.  Keep it simple.

Example from Programming Pearls – Word Frequency list

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