Study Less, Study Smart

Dr. Marty Lobdell’s tips for studying.

  • Study in short sessions with breaks, for intense focus that is rewarded.  Train yourself to focus longer and have positive feelings associated with studying.
  • Have a dedicated study area.  Don’t do anything else there.
  • Understand the concepts, not just memorize facts.
  • Take good notes.  You can’t remember everything in a lecture if you don’t take notes.
  • Short term memory doesn’t hold much, about 5 things.  If you take the time to understand the meaning, you remember more.
  • Deeper processing has you think how this item will be useful to you.  Relate to something you know, and knowledge becomes meaningful.
  • Teach what you learn.  Write it out in your own words.
  • 80 percent of your time reciting, 20 percent reading
  • Get in a study group.
  • Get enough sleep.
  • Right after class, expand on the notes, flesh it out.
  • You retain much more of a textbook of you use the SQ3R Method—survey, question, read, recite, review.


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