About Hanguk Babble – Links to my favorite resources

I tell people to refer to my “About” page for resources.  Some do, and are surprised to see how many links I have there.  If you haven’t looked recently. then here is what you have been missing.


Check out resources on my blog like flashcards, games, quick reference, 6000 Most Frequent Korean words list, grammar rudiments, Follow my Daily Plan, Control Journal, and weekly class routine. Read my Korean Digital Academy class notes, KDA flashcards, list of lectures and KDA vocabulary. See the 600 words tutor says I need for basic conversation. Say hi. Get to know my bookshelf, listen to sound recordings, and follow my language learning progress.

[I  added 215 Chinese Radicals to the Hanja page for reference. ]

Here is a list of resources that new learners of Korean may find helpful.


Korean Drama:

Viki, Drama Fever
Problematic of the Unproblematic

Hey, Hey friends Korean subtitles for American TV shows


Naver Dictionary
Daum Dictionary
Korean Multimedia Dictionary
Visual Thesaurus

Hangul/Korean Language:

Korean Alphabet
Essential Pronunciation Rules

Korean Keyboard:

Virtual keyboards Branah Wandel
Typing phrase: 키스의 고유 조건은 입술끼리 만나야 되고 특별한 요령은 필요치 않다.
Fast Fingers Typing test
Instructions on how to type Korean by installing Korean keyboard
Transparent Korean keyboard stickers
IPA virtual keyboard

Korean Language Software & Audio programs:

Glossika Mass Sentences Korean Fluency
Mango Languages
LingQ foreign text reader

Korean Language Blogs:

Talk To Me In Korean (TTMIK)
Fresh Korean
Professor Oh
Korean Champ
KPOP to KTalk
Catch the Wave – Arirang Radio

Korean Class:

Learn Hangul free in videos 1 & 2 from Korean Digital Academy and see how Rob Julien is awesome teacher 🙂 Big thumbs up recommendation to take this class
Key to Korean Fluency free videos teaching verb conjugation
Korean Digital Academy Members Lounge links to class videos
ROKstars Facebook group for Korean Digital Academy
Learn Korean Online (old KDA site) Video #1: “I’m learning Korean but I don’t know that much yet so I don’t really know what you’re saying.”

Korean Vocabulary:

bab.la Phrases
English Speak – 100 conversations Korean/English, 1000 Phrases
Textivate web app for making games out of text
www.bliubliu.com – read texts according to your difficulty level.

Korean Grammar:

Korean Wiki Project
Korean Grammar Dictionary
National Institute of Korean Language
Glossary of Linguistic terms

TranslationNaver translateGoogle Translate

Verb ConjugationDongsa

Language Immersion Trip

MemriseAnki Spaced Repetition FlashcardsQuizlet
Subs to Spaced Repetition Source

Chinese characters:

Useful Chinese Characters for Korean Learners book
YellowBridge Mandarin Chinese-English Dictionary
How to Study Korean Hanja lessons

Korean Games:  DD Korean GameGenkiKoreanBingo CardsPuzzle

Language Exchange: HelloTalkiTalki, Pen Pals Interpals,  World Time
mindpasta – Social site for language learners where you can practice writing your sentences while playing games and sharing photos, music, and learning resources.
Video conferencing Zoom, Skype, Google+ Hangouts
Google Docs (for shared document to type in real time with tutor during Skype session)
Language Immersion Trip

Tutoring:  iTalki Woojae Jun and Jeanie

Loving KoreanHow to Learn Korean

Korean BooksHanbooksHolly M

Libraries:  Boston Public Library,  C/W Mars

Give It 100 10 second videos for 100 days
Explee animate video, Youtube slow for slowing down Youtube videos

Korean Children’s Songs on Naver Jr
Soundcloud Make your own recordings
Sony Soundforge Digital audio editing
Forvo Native speakers record words
Brain Food study music
Korean Traditional Meditation music

News:Chosun Ilbo, Korean Times, Korea Herald, Oh My News, Huffington Post KoreaTEDx talksCNN Transcripts

TeachingInstructional StrategiesHow to work in Korea

Taekwondo: Berkshire Taekwondo TKD step by step

A Polyglot World
Benny Lewis – Fluent in 3 Months
Judith Meyers – LearnLang
Luca Lampariello – The Polyglot Dream
Anthony Lauder
Kevin – Language Hero
Idahosa Ness – Mimic Method
Benson Hoi – learning Korean in #A1C5
Alex Rawlings – Britain’s most multilingual student
Richard Simcott – Speaking Fluently
David Mansaray
Mike Campbell – Glossika
Language is Culture
Chris Broholm
Polyglot Conference – NYC October 10-11, 2015

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2 Responses to About Hanguk Babble – Links to my favorite resources

  1. This is insanely useful! Which one would you say is better for Kdramas? I was using Viki heaps, is Drama beans better?


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