Go-Together game

Play a game of matching which terms go together as a way to work on vocabulary and make associations.  For example, apple 사과 and tree 나무.  Describe the picture.  Practice making sentences.  For example, because it was windy, Christopher Robin flew a kite. Create your own mini stories.  Use your own vocabulary words to make a game.

go-together1 go-together2 go-together3 go-together4

It’s not learning, it is just having fun!

Winnie-the-Pooh, Roo, Kanga, Rabbit, Christopher Robin, Piglet, Eeyore, Tigger, Owl
flower 꽃, vase 꽃병, rain 비, umbrella 우산, nail 못, hammer 망치, shovel 삽, dirt 먼지, 때, carrot 당근, tree 나무, apple 사과, bathtub 욕조 , soap 비누, pillow 베개, bed 침대, chair 의자, table 탁자, honey bee 꿀벌, bowl 그릇, spoon 숟가락, 스푼, coat 외투, 코트, hat 모자, brush, comb 붓; 솔; 비, kite 연, wind 바람, broom 빗자루, dustpan 쓰레받기

The following is me trying to practice sentences.  There are probably errors.

Tiger hammered the nail in.
Tiger가 망치로 못을 박았다.
Pooh is in the tub.
Pooh가 욕조 안에 있다.
The pillow is on the bed.
침대위에 베개가 있어요.
The umbrella is big and red.
그 우산은 크고 빨간색이에요.
Rain comes. So Kanga is using an umbrella.
비 와요. 그래서 Kanga가 우산을 쓰고 있다.
Would you like another bowl of soup?
국 한 그릇 더 드실래요?
Pooh lathered his face with soap.
Pooh은 얼굴에 비누칠을 했다.
Roo cleaned the house.
Roo은 집을 치웠다
Rabbit digs up the soil with a shovel.
Rabbit은 삽으로 땅을 파요.
Christopher Robin combs his hair.
Christopher Robin은 머리를 빗어요.
Christopher Robin flies a kite.
Christopher Robin은 연을 날려요.


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