Most Frequent Korean Words

I try to learn vocabulary.  Some words I meet, we introduce ourselves, we are friendly, I use it in a sentence or make a flashcard, and then I forget about the word.  Not so for the 1000 Most Frequently Used Korean Words list.  These are my BFF’s.  I visit them almost daily.  I hold them close to my heart.

Then I joined #ADD1Challenge.  I swore I would still keep studying my flashcards while adding the extra work for #ADD1Challenge, but I didn’t manage that.

I fell behind in the Memrise decks that I use.

I spent 2 days revisiting the 250 words I have learned on the Frequency list.  Then today, I wrote them all out by hand.  (Yellow are verbs, Red are nouns) creating 15 word flashcards.


Writing out by hand seems to help me learn better than simply looking at wordmagnetic-poetrys on my phone.  I want to practice making sentences and see the connections between words.  I want to make crossword puzzles.  I want to play Scrabble.  I want to make magnets with the words.  I need hands-on.

I want to order, categorize, examine, and digest the words.  I needed to see the entire list.  Some day, I want to find time to compile an uberlist with all the words I have learned on it.  I have the Korean Digital Academy vocabulary, tutor’s vocabulary, tuttle’s flashcards for kids, Glossika vocabulary, words learned from language exchange partners, random words I’ve looked up, and more.  I need an Uberlist that brings all the words together.  For now, I focus simply on KDA vocabulary and 1000 Most Frequent words.

Check out Korean Vitamin’s article How to Memorize New Korean Words.  See my flashcards on the main menu.


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2 Responses to Most Frequent Korean Words

  1. Korean Vitamin says:

    This looks great. Maybe I’ll try write words on a piece of paper and stick it on my mirror. I remember there are people who draw illustrations to remember words, using colors and stickers.


  2. Evita says:

    Having an uberlist is definitely nice. I keep mine in Anki so I always know which words I have already learned and which ones not yet. Seeing the number grow all the time is quite motivating for me.


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