Take Charge of your own Learning

Do you passively wait to be taught by a teacher or textbook?  Or do you actively seek out the knowledge you need to speak your target language?

Active, engaged learners are far more successful than passive learners.

I was a passive learner in my 4 years of high school Spanish.  I am an active learner of Korean.  That is why I say that even though I am still finding my way, I am further along in Korean in 1 year than I achieved in 4 years of Spanish study.

I am glad to have the advice of folks who have already walked this path of learning.  I have taken sidetracks along the way.  I am deeply grateful to Rob Julien, Woojae Jun, and my many Korean mentor-friends-language-exchange-partners for their help.  They have seen my consistent-but-often-misguided efforts.  I believe they are willing to work with me because I actively seek to learn.

There is a saying “when the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”  When you take charge of your own learning, you become a student teachers want to teach.

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One Response to Take Charge of your own Learning

  1. True, no one can do your learning for you, so you’d better take charge of your learning.


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