Tutor Vocabulary

I reviewed the list of vocabulary from my tutor.  The shaded words are ones I am learning, the white words are known.

In spite of being able to come up with the word when prompted, I still have trouble putting the words into sentences and understanding the words when spoken.



tutorverb1 tutorverb2 tutorverb3




Vocabulary learning is a slow process for me.  I usually need to make a flashcard for each word (spending 5 – 20 minutes to come up with something I might remember) and repeatedly see the word over weeks.  Unlike Spanish, Korean words don’t remind me of anything in English (unless they are loanwords, in which case they become spelling challenges.)  Coming up with English words whose sound reminds me of the English paired with a funny picture seems to be the best hope that it might stick after seeing it 100 times.   Yet even learned words fade without refreshing, so daily Memrise flashcard work is important.

I need to create one Memrise flashcard deck that contains all the vocabulary words I want to remember, rather than all these separate lists.

It is hard to pin down how many words I know, and how well I know them.  My best estimate is that I am familiar with about 300 words after 1 year of studying.


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