How to hide long comments in Dramabeans

My blog started for the sole reason that I am a person who tends to write long letters instead of short bursts like Twitter.  So I did not want to burden the Dramabeans Open Thread with my long posts.  Now, someone has come out with a Chrome extension DBrief. Check it out at How to hide long comments in Dramabeans.

You can see the discussion on Open Thread.  It looks like “show long comment” as below.

dbriefFor two years, I read every single comment on the Open Thread, revisiting the page often to be sure I didn’t miss a thing.  I like long comments.  There is no one’s voice I wish to mute.  However, I know others don’t feel the same, so now they have a tool to make browsing Open Thread quicker. Different strokes for different folks.


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One Response to How to hide long comments in Dramabeans

  1. scifiwritir says:

    I read long comments as well. Myri’s post kinda leaves a sad hole in my heart. Rejection issues and paranoia merged. I wouldn’t have known about that blog post if you hadn’t linked to it. Kinda falls into “what i didn’t know about/ignorance is bliss” category.


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